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A Once in a lifetime opportunity to see the premier of a musical destined for Broadway.

"I've been writing film & theater in Hollywood for two decades. This show's story has depth, quality songs and detailed orchestration. It screams “Broadway.” The songs are good, I mean, singing in the shower good! I wouldn't be surprised if this makes it to New York in a couple of years. The World Premiere starts here.” - Walter Doty (Lead Screenwriter for Star Trek: Captain Pike 2016)

About Our Musical

Ellie Turner breaks the mold of her gritty, steel town and forges a new path. Empowered by a father’s gift from beyond the grave and armed only with her passion for music, Ellie sets out to shake up the status quo.

Will her songs die with her dream or become anthems, a force to change the world from the inside out?

Join us in Ellie’s world. You will laugh. You will cry.
Her story and songs will make your heart sing and put wings on your own dreams.

Good Girl

Tall on the Inside

Cappuccino Love

Love isn’t What You Say

Who Cries for You

You Can’t Go Back to Stupid

Just the Right Amount of Perfect

Make our show your show

We have everything we need but YOU.  Could you be a VIP cast member and support our show?

As a VIP Supporter  we will list your name in the program.  This is your chance to be part of something big, early on.

Playbill recognition in the lobby of the theater with the names of all of our VIP backers, Red Carpet, and social media selfie station.

Our show is  being produced by Positively Florida, a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Contributions to Positively Florida are tax deductible.  

Corporate Sponsorships available.  Contact us  (386) 492 -6568

Scheduled at

The Theater
at Seabreeze

June 14-16, 2024

June 21-23, 2024

With 19 Original Songs

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Help us get this out to the world

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Kickstarter Campaign

Creating live musical theater is a Grand Adventure, one that demands Substantial resources. Surpassing our Current Kickstarter goal is just the beginning;
We’re embarking on this journey with an eye towards excellence, yet mindful of the financial tightrope we walk.
Every extra dollar we raise will be poured back into enhancing our production quality and ensuring our talented cast and crew receive the recognition and reward they truly deserve.
You will also get exciting Rewards for each Pledge that you make.

Pledge now and secure exclusive rewards!

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Your support on Kickstarter will ensure this story reach Broadway, helping us deliver Ellie’s Amazing journey to the World.

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Love, loss, and triumph.  Come see the show that is an experience.  There’s only one chance to see this genuine first run, with big dreams.  

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